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workshops please contact us at
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Take Home Workshops Offered
Alcohol Awareness I & II

Relapse Prevention Skills I & II

Drug Awareness I & II
Each workshop consists of two parts.

You must complete and pass part I before you may take part II.

You may pick up part I of the workshop at our office on Tuesday,
Wednesday or Thursday between 2pm and 7pm. (Please call ahead to
check availability. Workshop must be paid for before we will release
the materials.)

You have 7 days to complete part I - at that time you will return it to
our office during the dates/times listed above. When you return part
I, you will then be given part II.

You have 7 days to complete part II. After you return part II, you will
meet with a counselor to answer any questions you may have and to
review all your homeworks. At that time you will be provided a
certificate of completion.
How the take home workshop works:
The fees for the take home workshops are
Part I & II = $250.00

There is a $50 refundable deposit
for the material due at the time of payment.