Assessments provide the client and/or referral agency with a
complete evaluation to determine if alcohol and/or substance
abuse counseling is needed.  The evaluation consists of both
written and verbal questions.  Should the client be recommended
for counseling, the assessment also establishes the level of care
needed to best assist the client.  
Our as
sessments are by appointment only. If an appointment is
made and kept the assessment fee is discounted to $
Those who repeatedly cancel their appointment will be billed the
full rate of $125.
We accept cash
(exact change only), money order or credit cards.
Please bring a photo ID.
What the Assessment includes:

1.   Complete bio-psychosocial, indicating family history, legal/criminal
history, alcohol/drug history, history of abuse/neglect, medical conditions,
education/work history and current residence.

2.   Adult SASSI-3 (or adolescent) scored and analyzed by qualified staff.

3.   Free "Result/Intake Consultation" appintment for client.  Client is given
an appointment the day of their assessment to return, free of charge, to obtain
results of their assessment and recommendations.  If counseling is
recommended, client can, at that point, complete all necessary paperwork for
intake.  Should client miss their free consultation, a fee of $25 is assessed for
next appointment.

4.  Final assessment report is prepared and faxed (or mailed upon request) to
referral agency (if applicable).

Assessment report contains the following information:
A.   Client’s information (residence, age, referral, etc.)
B.   Family History
C.   Drug/Alcohol History
D.   Medical/Mental History
E.   Education/Employment History
F.   Legal History
G.  Identified Problems are listed
H.  DSM-IV Diagnosis (if applicable)
I.    Recommendations
Assessment Fees:

Full Fee for Assessment:

The fee for an off-site assessment
is $300.00. There are no discounts
for off site assessments.

What is an off-site assessment?

Off-Site Assessment Agreement
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